Hiring The Hall

The Church Hall is available for hire subject to availability and compliance with our Terms and Conditions.   Please use our Enquiry Form if you would like to know more.  Please note that the hall is not available for hire on Sundays.

The basic rate is £30 per hour which includes use of the hall, foyer, toilets, kitchen and adjacent lounge room plus access to the grounds and car parking.

Facilities include

  • Main hall is 12.7m by 8.4m, ceiling height is 3.2m

  • Capacity is 50 adults seated or 75 standing, an additional 25 seated in the lounge

  • 50 stacking chairs and 8 tables (2.1m x 0.5m) are available for use, please note adult sizes only

  • Fully equipped kitchen with gas range cooker, large kettles, refrigerator/freezer, microwave and serving counter.

  • Level access to all areas.

  • Male and Female toilets, please note Accessible Toilet is available on request via main church ramped access.

  • Car parking for approximately 40 cars










 Main Hall


 Kitchen                                                                                                                                            Lounge

If you would like to enquire about booking the hall, please use our Enquiry Form, we will endeavour to respond withing five working days.  However, please note that availability is very limited at the moment.  In particular we have no availability on weekday mornings or Saturdays before 2pm.  The hall is not available for hire on Sundays. 


Bouncy Castles and Soft Play are both allowed, there is outside power available for a bouncy castle in the garden in the summer.  You must ensure that your play equipment is provided by a professional company with full insurance cover.  All equipment must be below the 3.2m ceiling height and must not obstruct the fire exits (5m maximum width).

Entertainers are fine but must carry proper insurance for their activities. 

Please note that alcohol may not be sold or consumed anywhere on the premises.  This is a non smoking venue (including e-cigarettes indoors) we cannot stop you smoking outside but we prefer it if nobody smokes anywhere on site.

Any sound system, PA or DJ must operate below the safe limit of 85dBA sound level at all times, a child's hearing especially is at risk of permanent damage above this level.

We do not allow activities involving martial arts or any act of religious ceremony or worship which is not in full accordance with our Basis of Faith.  This includes events with a Halloween theme and activities involving Yoga.

Please note that we do not normally take one-off bookings for events ending after 8pm.